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Live blogging from #UKNOF29 and Internet Society ION Conference in belfast next week

By: Trefor Davies | Friday, 5 September, 2014

Look out for live blogging from UKNOF29 and the Internet Society ION conference in Belfast next week. UKNOF, or the UK Network Operators Forum have really interesting conferences three times a year. I’ve often thought one could fill the blog for  week or two with posts based on the content. The problem is that it takes a long time...

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Consumer Rights and Net Neutrality

By: Peter Farmer | Monday, 1 September, 2014

Consumer Rights is a far less toxic term than Net Neutrality. I’ve previously written for Trefor.Net on the subject of Net Neutrality and what it means to members of the VoIP community. And I think it’s high time for an update, but this time considering consumer rights. After a promising start the European Union went off the rails, passing...

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What I Did On My Summer Holiday (Digital Issue)

By: Kory Kessel | Friday, 29 August, 2014

Recounting a (digital) summer holiday, well spent. I didn’t intend to take a break from writing during this year’s La Famille Kessel summer holiday in Normandy. No, I had plans to regale stalwart readers with missives on the nature of my vacation from the digital perspective, intending to carry the content flag for anyone out there hungering for...

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Openreach Profit Incentive in Action

By: Peter Farmer | Friday, 29 August, 2014

Openreach’s sub-contractors may not all be so bad after all. I finally had BT Infinity installed a few weeks ago. Having watched the installation of Huawei DSLAM at the end of the road some time before that with much anticipation, I pondered how badly BT Openreach and its subcontractors would botch the job and ruin the frontage to our community, while also...

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The Hump Day Five (23-July-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

The Hump Day Five this week goes to the pictures, gets the picture, migrates the pictures, wants a phone that takes the pictures, and offers a picture of Paris on Summer holiday. 1 A few days ago a filmmaker friend of mine asked if I would be interested in screening a rough cut of a documentary he has been...

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Old Websites

By: Andrew Beardsmore | Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Considering Internet detritus of the slash-and-burn order, often the walking-dead creations of fly-by-night “web developers” who took the money (and lots of it) and ran. Websites. For small businesses. Probably built by someone nice met at a local business networking event. In Drupal? Joomla? TYPO3? For those without a care in the world, those first two aren’t places (except...

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The Hump Day Five (16-July-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 16 July, 2014

The Hump Day Five is on Red Alert this week, getting all Google-y powerful on music in the cloud, Leftovers, and Ping Pong Mania. 1 Started watching a new TV show a couple of weeks back called “The Leftovers”. If you haven’t haven’t seen or heard of it, the premise is quite simple. On 14-October at a precise moment in...

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Yes, I Read Super Hero Comic Books

By: Kory Kessel | Tuesday, 15 July, 2014

There are far worse things you can carry from childhood to adulthood than super hero comic books (and fewer that look better on your tablet screen). For me, super hero comic books are just one of those things. I loved them as a child in single digits, continued to look in on them occasionally (and sometimes more often than...


FTTC Broadband — Upgrade Your Router

By: Tim Bray | Friday, 11 July, 2014

FTTC installed…and then the problems started. Once again, welcomes contributor Tim Bray, Technical Director for ProVu Communications. “FTTC — Upgrade Your Router” is Tim’s second “Broadband Week” post. At ProVu we, don’t often do onsite installations, preferring instead to leave them to our resellers. Sometimes, though, a problem comes along that requires that we get involved in helping...


It’s Not Size that Matters, it’s What You Do with it that Counts

By: Clare Greenall | Thursday, 10 July, 2014

Sell not the thing, but the benefit in having the thing. Broadband? No, thank you. Connectivity? Well, I don’t mind if I do! is pleased to welcome “Broadband Week” guest contributor Clare Greenall, Marketing Manager for Timico Partner Services Ltd. Let’s talk about how to sell *Broadband (ahem, connectivity) in the twenty-tens, as it’s quite a hot topic...

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The Hump Day Five (9-July-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 9 July, 2014

In line with Broadband Week on, the Hump Day Five either benefits, suffers or remains mind-numbingly inconsequential…you decide. 1 Fourteen years have passed since I arranged my first broadband Internet service in Paris with France Telecom, and yet it is no effort whatsoever to recall that first setup. Is this because I have an elephant’s memory? Well, it...

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B4RN, OMR, State Aid and the Witches Ducking Stool

By: Barry Forde | Wednesday, 9 July, 2014

The powers-that-be do not expect an ordinary rural community to roll up their sleeves and build state of the art fibre networks in parts of the UK denounced as totally uneconomic. is pleased to present the following “Broadband Week” post from B4RN Chief Executive Barry Forde. Barry is a networking expert with many years experience of designing, building and operating...


Ofcom to Cut Openreach Prices: Will it Increase Fibre Broadband Take-up?

By: Julia Kukiewicz | Tuesday, 8 July, 2014

Openreach’s wholesale prices to drop dramatically, but will it make a difference in fibre broadband adoption? welcomes guest contributor Julia Kukiewicz, Editor of, a consumer site focused on UK broadband (among many others). Later this year Ofcom will force Openreach to radically cut the wholesale cost of installing a fibre line, from £50 to £11. The regulator...


Thoughts on the Future of Broadband Down Under from the Australasian News Desk.

By: Tom Avern | Monday, 7 July, 2014

Antipodeans are watching what happens in more mature broadband markets — the UK, the USA — and trying to learn from their mistakes while seeking greater value. welcomes “Broadband Week” guest contributor Tom Avern who, when he isn’t pontificating on the internet, can using be found helping his clients sort out their network issues, riding bicycles, or taking photographs. Tom has been...

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Superfast Broadband This…

By: Gary M Hough | Monday, 7 July, 2014

Is it too much to ask that Virgin Media provide the broadband service paid for, or at least something much closer to it than is currently the case? welcomes “Broadband Week” contributor Gary Hough, Regulatory Manager for Zen Internet and ISPA Council Member. Gary has worked in the ISP industry for the past 18 years and is convinced he...

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The Hump Day Five (2-July-2014)

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 2 July, 2014

1 Friday afternoon found me riding the Eurostar rails, on KoryChrome (new Samsung Chromebook 2*), pounding out on a “First Impressions” piece…on KoryChrome. Using Writebox, one of those sometimes-useful writing applications that are intended to take the distraction out of the process, I was about 700 words into it when for reasons unknown I decided to go exploring. A...

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Owed to the Laundromat

By: Kory Kessel | Friday, 20 June, 2014

Friday afternoon finds me well-lunched (New Mexican-ish place that opened nearby about a month ago) and passing roughly 45 minutes at a laundromat that is about 100 steps from the door to our building in Paris’s 18th Arrondissement. Decidedly not Web 2.0 — no wifi, no URL on the door or windows, no comment field anywhere upon which to...

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Flying Away on a Wing and a Prayer

By: Kory Kessel | Thursday, 19 June, 2014

I’ve been daydreaming about technology. Again. Oftentimes you will see me, fingers unmoving on my keyboard, my mind skimming the clouds (not “the cloud”), blissfully imagining features that I want/need/must have in my next computer. **Cue dreamy fantasy, Fender Rhodes-ish, 1970s-era TV comedy music. Cue LOUD thunder crack.** …a monster SSD (I recently carved a Samsung M9T 2TB HHD...

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Watching the Football

By: Kory Kessel | Friday, 13 June, 2014

Yesterday a friend of mine in the UK asked me if I was “going to watch the football”, stating his own excitement over the soon-upon-us 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (the official label of the event, if the website is any indicator), and then asking “Have you converted a little? Soccer to you, I guess.” Sigh. I actually converted...


Wherefore Art Thou, KoryChrome?

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 11 June, 2014

Knowing that Tref was heading over to the U.S. for this week’s Genband Perspectives 14, I asked the fearless namesake of the cracking website you hold in your hands if he would be up to muling a spiffy new Samsung Chromebook 2 back over the pond for my pickup at’s Pissup in a Brewery (which you really don’t...

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One Out of 1,874,161

By: Kory Kessel | Tuesday, 10 June, 2014

Over the weekend I received a Twitter request from someone unknown to me to participate in a dm (direct message) exchange. Figuring it at first to be some kind of scam or sales come-on I was just about to use TweetDeck’s “Block” function to keep the party from contacting me again when I noticed in their Twitter handle something...

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Fie on Eye-Fi

By: Kory Kessel | Thursday, 5 June, 2014

Transferring photos directly from your digital camera to a hard drive via wifi. A sweet idea, to be sure, and a functionality that now seems to be built into pretty much every new digital camera model coming off the producton lines. This was not the case just a short time ago, though, and this is the raison d’etre for...

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Dress to impress – LINX 20th birthday bash photos by @andyd #LINX85

By: Trefor Davies | Tuesday, 20 May, 2014

Dressed to impress – terrific images courtesy of Andy Davidson from the LINX 20th birthday bash at the Cumberland Hotel in London. We are all v sophis. Andy is a keen amateur photographer and is a member of a club – they have regular get-togethers to shoot a variety of artistic subjects.Ask to see more of his stuff. He...

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The night before the morning after @routerfixer #LINX85

By: Trefor Davies | Tuesday, 20 May, 2014

Photo booth pic from the LINX 20th birthday celebrations at the Cumberland Hotel. A great time was had by all. Slight oddity, considering the internetty nature of the event, that the photo booth would only print out “polaroid” style pictures rather than being able to email me an electronic copy (cf the image of my eyeball by the opticians...


The 3rd LINX router modelled by @neilmcrae and Keith Mitchell #LINX85

By: Trefor Davies | Monday, 19 May, 2014

So you think you know your routers? This SPARCstation,,  was LINX’s 3rd router installed at Demon in Finchley (AS2529) in 1994. Before most of today’s ISPs were a twinkling of a Microsoft egg timer. The SPARCstation is modelled by Keith Mitchel and Neil McRae who I realise don’t look old enough to remember those days but you would...

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Net Neutrality and Telephony

By: Rob Pickering | Thursday, 8 May, 2014

Net neutrality and VoIP telephony – thorny issues the industry needs to negotiate welcomes “VoIP Week” contributor Rob Pickering, CEO of ipcortex. Most folks who work in the VoIP industry have at some point been subject to a casual horror story from a new acquaintance about evil VoIP and how they tried it once and that it nearly...

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Vastly Objectionable Ignominious Phrase

By: Kory Kessel | Wednesday, 7 May, 2014

What the lone acronym in “VoIP Week” does NOT represent. As a longtime fan of Marvel’s super hero comic books — 40 years and happily counting — I find myself quite satisfied with the persisting Hollywood trend of putting these Fantastic! Incredible! Amazing! Uncanny! Mighty! characters on the Silver Surfer…er, silver screen. And almost as much fun as seeing...


VoIP and Emergency Services – Location, Location, Location…

By: Ray Bellis | Wednesday, 7 May, 2014 welcomes VoIP Week guest contributor Ray Bellis, Senior Researcher at

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The Conception and Birth of a New IP Handset

By: John Bennett | Tuesday, 6 May, 2014 welcomes John Bennett, Managing Director snom UK Ltd There are five mainstream manufacturers of IP handsets active in the world today, and for the business client, service provider or reseller seeking to select a handset supplier it can be difficult to evaluate the differences amongst them. Price is an obvious criteria but that reveals little about the expected...

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Band Camp Coincidences

By: Marcos Campos | Friday, 2 May, 2014

Google Glass. Telephony. Synchronicity At my age, you would think that I would be long past adolescent self-consciousness; that I wouldn’t feel awkward with the geeky way of thinking. A girl that I had a crush on back in the 2nd Grade said to me, “You talk funny. You talk like a scientist.”, referring to my vocabulary. At that...

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