Google Author Ranking

Acting on advice I recently signed up for Google Author Ranking. Google is apparently changing the way it rates content for SEO purposes by looking for quality original content. One of the ways Google determines original content is by linking that content with a specific author. Having gone through what appeared to be a hit […]

We interrupt this vacation with a public service blog #bloggade

Trefor Davies (@tref/Timico/, Matt Russell (@mattdrussell/WebHostingBuzz), Neville Hobson (@jangles/Neville Hobson/For Immediate Release) and Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill/Kred) cordially invite you to Bloggade, Newark, 21st August. Bloggade, the collective noun for a gathering of bloggers, is a meeting of minds where you will learn tips and tricks about blogging and WordPress. The focus of this first Bloggade […]

happy birthday to me – blog is 5 today & I celebrate with a Twitter story

Hard to believe but exactly five years ago today I posted my first blog piece on It coincides very closely with my fifth anniversary on Twitter. Since then I’ve written 1,616 posts – also hard to believe. 30,517 tweets in that time. I’m not going to dwell on the interim five years. The world […]

The speed of obsolescence & the increase in the speed of light

We do live in very interesting times. Last night the twitter stream told me that the internet in Syria had stopped working, or at least the traffic in and out of the country had died off which is the same thing. This morning it was included by the Guardian in their Boot Up links. I […]

Home broadband data usage growth

Broadband data usage growth driven by photo uploads I’m installing a RaspberryPi computer at home carrying an IPCortex PBX with SIP trunks. I just needed to find a free IP address and found myself checking out available addresses so that I could provide a static one to the IPCortex. I just happened to find myself looking […]

Parliament and Internet Conference – Privacy

The Parliament and Internet conference wound its annual way to Westminster yesterday. The conference usually comes up with a nugget or two and made the BBC news site with a comment from Andy Smith, PSTSA1 Security Manager at the Cabinet Office that he wouldn’t recommend using your real name when registering with sites like Facebook. Lord […]

social networking participation on – clicks wanted :)

It’s interesting to see that reader engagement on this blog is increasing and that people are starting to use social networking share buttons more. However a post that attracts a lot of Facebook “Likes” doesn’t necessarily get many LinkedIn “Shares” and so on. A quick scan over the last months or so worth of posts […]

Award winning Burton Road chippy in Lincoln @burtonrdchippy – eat their chips

I don’t follow many chip shops on twitter. In fact I think I only follow the one, @burtonrdchippy. I like the @burtonrdchippy tweets. I like to know that they have offers on although seeing as I am trying to lose a few pounds I don’t typically frequent fish and chip shops. When I see something […]

Power to the portaloo – bog standard networking in a (ElectroMagnetic) Field @emfnoc @emfcamp

Last year I dreamt of holding a tweetup over a weekend in a field. I booked a large scout camp but the project didn’t get anywhere because it needed connectivity to make it a success and I couldn’t for one reason and another make it happen. A couple of weeks ago you may have noticed […]

@JRainy – bread the numbers

You get roughly 3000kgs (3Tonnes) of wheat per acre. An 800g loaf of bread has around 600g of wheat giving us 5,000 loaves-worth an acre. I learned via @JRainy on Twitter that it takes a combine harvester 3 hours to harvest 8 acres of wheat which in my book makes it 0.044 acres or 222 […]

Twitter customer service models – @metoffice is great

Over the last two weekends I have had two experiences with customer support using Twitter which I shall relate to you. The bank holiday weekend was it’s usually showery with sunny spells and I was lying in my tent in Woodhall Spa watching the Twitter stream, albeit in stops and starts due to the terrible  mobile […]

social sharing toolkit snippet

This morning I found that one of my blog posts had the word “bookmark” inserted at the beginning. Weird I thought. This afternoon I did another post and lo and behold it was there too. In fact it was on every post I’d ever written. Very weird. So I went down to see Ian Ward, […]

Hreodburna – a Twittersphere tour with farmer Christopher Day – some images not for those with weak constitutions

I met Christopher Day on Twitter. I’ve no idea when. People follow you. You follow people. You start to connect. Connect often enough you begin to notice and engage with them which is what I’ve done with Christopher. His Twitter name is @themanorhousebb. I’ve met him a couple of times before today, once at LincUpLive […]

Twitter engagement – Lincolnshire Police & Lincoln Prison

We can see Lincoln prison from the back of our house. Last night there was a helicopter out there circling for some time. I took a a pic but it was too dark. I tweeted “helicopter circling Lincoln prison – wonder what’s going on”. This morning I got a reply from @Lincspolice (ie Lincolnshire Police) […]

#lincstweetmeet – McDonalds, doubledecker busses and the blistering pace of 4G

Had a very enjoyable time at #lincstweetmeet yesterday. I gave a talk to an audience of just short of 100 social media fans on the effect that 4G will have on their tweeting, blogging and general online networking. Interesting to note that I recognised many of the twitter names from the badges as people I […]

aargh another social network – WAYN

Had an email overnight from someone at – “the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network” – sigh! The email source address was I checked. WAYN now has 19,720,691 members. Good luck to him. I wish WAYN and all who travel with him well but I have to say farewell, adios, auf wiedersehen, […]

Zen and the art of battery conservation

I’m sat in a pub in Covent Garden in a race against time. I’m meeting Dr Sue Black at 4pm for a chat about stuff. She is, unfortunately, on a train stuck in the sidings at Wimbledon because someone is trying to commit suicide in Wimbledon station. These things happen. V sad. The problem is […]

The Online Garden Shed – the answer to internet privacy issues

We all need our private space. This true in our virtual lives as much as in the touchy-feely-smelly real world that we once inhabited.  In those days man could retire to his shed if he felt the need for a bit of time to himself. He would only let you in if you were a […]

A successful LincUpLive at the #Doubletree in Lincoln #LUL360

Last week Matt Russell, CEO of WebHostingBuzz went down with Ukrainian manflu. The Ukrainian version is vicious strain and is especially effective when the Siberian winds sweep down from the Caucasus to catch the unwary Englishman abroad. Because of this it is very rare to find a native male Ukrainian there in February – they […]

I just blocked someone on Facebook – one of those easy decisions but nevertheless painful

It really really pains me to admit it but I have just blocked an absolutely gorgeous woman on Facebook. The friend request came in out of the blue and thinking she must be a friend of a friend I took a look. This woman was highly attractive and had some very sexy photos in her […]

Simple guide to being a real person who someone might want to engage with on Twitter

For me one of life’s little disappointments is to see that I have lots of new Twitter “followers” only to find that they aren’t worth following back. Sounds a little high and mighty? My approach to life is that I am only here the once so I might as well make the most of it. […]

world record attempt – the results are in #comment24

We had a good go at it guys. When I first discussed the world record attempt for “most comments on an online news post” with the Guinness World Records® people there was no record in place. We came in at 5,455 comments in 24 hours. Unfortunately in the meantime a Japanese pop star – don’t […]

The social media summary of the world record attempt

 The world record attempt started at 6am on Thursday 5th Feb and ended at 6am the following day. There are three stories to tell here. The first is the charity fundraising aspect that was covered on Friday. Second is the social media story. This was an event largely promoted using the #comment24 hashtag on twitter […]

The evolution of TV – Sky and Zeebox

I note that Sky has taken a 10% stake in Zeebox, a service that integrates TV watching with social media presence. This is the future. In fact this, to my wife’s annoyance is also the here and now. How often do you see the twitter stream fill up with comments about a TV programme that […]

The story behind the world record attempt #comment24

This attempt at a Guinness World Records® Record all started back in November when I took a customer out to dinner to celebrate a bit of business. The customer mentioned that he read and, to cut a long story short, I said that Timico would donate £1 to his favourite charity for every comment […]