Ooo my what a big SD card you’ve got sir – is that 128GB bulging out of your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Just been to PC World to buy a new 32Gig SD card. As you know my old one was jiggered by my camera/phone/SGS4/intergalactic-slow-software-communicator (if not catch up with the story here and here) Permit me to be flabbergasted but these things now come with up to 128GB of storage! FGHJOweroijhlkjhlklnnnggg1. Now I don’t think I […]

I have the power….. (now anyway!)

I’m a professional nomad. I neither work from home, nor from a specific office. I live from my rucksack – in fact, my Swiss Gear laptop job, thanks to the slimness of my laptop, is sufficient for me to travel for 4 days without anything else. OK, so the shirts get a little creased, but […]

Google Chromecast available in the UK this week.

Noticed a piece on the Guardian talking about Google Chromecast becoming available in the UK from Wednesday. Interestingly this review of Chromecast has had 12,578 views since it was written in October last year. Also did a second review a short while later. I occasionally use the Chromecast to watch stuff on YouTube when there […]

Android DECT VoIP phone from Gigaset and the all new R630 waterproof handset

Android DECT VoIP phone by Gigaset is impressive piece of kit Probably spent more time on the Gigaset stand than any other. Party because I kept bumping into people I know there and partly because they had a couple of great products being demo’d. The first video is a demo of an Android DECT VoIP […]

External USB sound card to replace broken laptop card

Picked up this cracking little USB sound card off eBay for less than two quid, including postage and packaging. It’s for my old Dell laptop. I knocked it off the arm of the settee a year or so back. It fell on the floor and rammed the headphone socket right inside the machine. Ah well. […]

Skimlinks – moneymaking machine #wonga #moolah #lolly

A few weeks ago  as a bit of an experiment I signed up with Skimlinks. Skimlinks is a means of making money via affiliate marketing on your website. Their plug in scans your site for words that they can associate with their affiliated merchants (Amazon etc) and they insert a link to a relevant product […]

Sony 4KUltra HD TV KD-55X9005A and XBox1 Console sales

Continuing with the weekend posts I swung by PC World and Currys. Looking for a speaker system to add a bit of richness of experience to the Chromecast we installed last week. PC World hardly has anything – they are moving back to their computing roots. Currys is where it is at for this kind […]

Update on Chromecast story – chrome literally being cast

Chromecast is now working for my browser. Yesterday I mentioned that I’d found the icon for using Chromecast from my chrome browser but hadn’t had time to test it. I’m working from home today so I’m sat in the TV room having a play testing. The pic shows my Google screen on both the Chromebook […]

Chromecast – a second review

Having read Terry Hughes’ Chromecast review I eventually got round to rushing out (metaphorically) and buying one from Amazon. It was forty two quid or so ($35 in the USA) but the cheaper ones involved longer shipping from the States or an additional postage charge so ripped up the budget and clicked. The Chromecast is now […]

Google Chromecast has arrived at the Davies household in the UK

I was so impressed with Terry Hughes’ review of the Google Chromecast that I decided I should get one meself. It arrived yesterday and I’ll be plugging it in later today. I’m not much of a TV watcher but we’ll see how we get on. Let’s hope there are no cookery, DIY, self build etc […]

How to do a print screen using Chromebook

This is dual post really because I was going to write briefly about an error message that came up when using’s wifi. I couldn’t access Google drive because open DNS is blocking it! Rather than stick the text of the message in I thought I’d just do a screenshot but there was no obvious […]

Google #Chromecast in the UK – review 5 days in #YouTube

Terry Hughes has just got himself a Google Chromecast dongle. In Google’s own words “With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV—movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome.” Must have been Google’s spiel because I wouldn’t spell favourite like […]

Bluetooth speakers for your mobile & consumer personal clouds Western Digital

It was chucking it down on Saturday so no golf and there was no rugby on so I wandered down to Currys on Tritton Road in Lincoln for a bit of a browse. I wasn’t after anything in particular but found myself in front of a portable Bose speaker system that allowed you to hook […]

Home networked devices

I took a look at my router yesterday, as you do, and counted 14 devices connected over WiFi and 4 over Ethernet. WiFi included 4PCs/laptops, printer, 4 android phones, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Ethernet included my laptop, a VoIP phone and a couple of homeplug devices that hook up the XBox. That’s not SoHo. That’s […]

How to bypass the Virgin Media web filter to access Pirate Bay

How to bypass the Virgin Media web filter to access Pirate Bay Before you start reading this post, and many thousands have, take a look at Broadbandrating – if you are looking to move ISP then the site will help you choose which one to go for. Now the post: Industry colleague Gary Hough left […]

Spot the odd one out – Pi, Apple Pie, @Raspberry_Pi

Most people will not have heard about it before today when it hit the headlines. It is also hitting the shops – two of them. It is the way of the future in the here and now. It is affordable and will one day, in one form or another, inevitably permeate into every household on […]

CES Las Vegas – the non report #CES

I’ve been keeping an eye on proceedings at the Consumer Electronics Show in ‘Vegas1 . So far it’s a bit disappointing really. I guess we are all used to a rapid pace of change and when it doesn’t keep accelerating we think something is amiss. This year I suspect the change is going to come when […]

Typing can be bad for your health if you use a keyboard #Microsoft

Doing my usual plugging in the laptop routine this morning I noticed a label attached to the Microsoft keyboard with a health warning.  It was one of those Alice In Wonderland type moments. Something like the time when Alice spotted a cup with a label saying “drink me”. I’ve had the Microsoft keyboard a few […]

testing testing can you understand me at the back?

Here for your delectation and delight are some experimental video shorts. I’m looking at ways of moving the blog content on and this is one of them.  These videos are approximately 60 seconds long, that being the attention span (max) of many people using the internet these days. This is being somewhat unfair as readers […]

PC Market Gartner slashes PC market forecast – my wife would agree

Research firm gartner has cut its PC Market forecast citing a move away from traditional computing towards tablets. I think we are not far off the tipping point. My 11 year old son’s laptop may well be the last PC we buy for the family. My wife, whose PC is about 8 years old, keeps […]

It pays to shop around – Dell Inspiron M501R

My youngest is getting kitted up for “big school” – the Lincoln equivalent of Harry Potter going to Hogwarts. He will have to learn a whole new set of skills – the mind can only boggle at what. For example one of the kids told me the other week that everyone knows how to get […]

26 tablets announced at CES last week 15 = Android

It’s mind boggling how many new tablets were announced last week at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – 26 according to Pocket-Lint. What can we derive from this, other than the fact that everyone is convinced this is a market to invest in? Competition is great and breeds choice. Just to pick a couple […]